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Ballistic impact of layered and case-hardened steel plates

Dec 01, 2017 · Ballistic impact tests were carried out on monolithic and layered NVE 36 steel plates. Ballistic impact tests were also carried out on case-hardened NVE 36 steel plates. Quasi-static uniaxial tension tests and Vickers hardness tests were conducted. The initial yield stress was scaled as a function of the Vickers hardness in (PDF) Ballistic impact of layered and case-hardened steel Ballistic impact of layered and case-hardened steel plates. February 2017; strength is a more important feature than ductility in ballistic impact for this alloy, at least for the given Ballistic impact of layered and case- hardened steel plates1 Ballistic impact of layered and case-hardened steel plates Jens Kristian Holmena,b,*, Jan Ketil Solbergc, a,bOdd Sture Hopperstad , Tore Børvika,b aStructural Impact (PDF) Ballistic impact performance of the layered and Ballistic impact performance of the layered and laminated composites:A reviews identifies the fundamental parameters determining ballistic Ballistic performance of multi-layered metallic Abstract This paper presents a numerical investigation of the ballistic performance of monolithic, double- and triple-layered metallic plates made of either steel or aluminium or a combination of these materials, impacted by a 7.62-mm APM2 projectile in the velocity range of 775950 m/s. Numerical models were developed using the explicit finite element code LS-DYNA. Ballistic impact performance of spaced multilayered and Sep 27, 2017 · Ballistic impact performance of spaced multilayered and monolithic composite targets is presented based on propagation of stress wave and energy balance within the target and the impacting projectile. The energy dissipated by the impacting projectile gets absorbed by the composite target through several energy absorbing mechanisms. Ballistic Impact Response of Kevlar 49 and Zylon Under A ballistic impact test program was conducted to provide validation data for the development of numerical models of blade out events in fabric containment systems. The impact response of two different fiber materials - Kevlar 49 (E.I. DuPont Nemours and Company) and Zylon AS (Toyobo Co., Ltd.) was studied by firing metal projectiles into BALLISTIC IMPACT ON THIN SANDIWCH PANELS AND multi-layered targets under oblique impact. The present paper gives a comparison of the ballistic impact resistance of stainless steel sheets, i.e. monolithic, double layered and sandwich sheets. In particular, effects of projectile nose shape, angle of obliquity on the ballistic resistance of layered plates and sandwich panels are addressed. Influence of surface polymer coating on ballistic impact Oct 01, 2020 · The paper considers the experimental and computational studies of the effect of polymer surface coating on ballistic impact performance of multi-layered aramid fabric composites. It was experimentally found that by increasing the surface density of the composite by only 56%, it is possible to increase the ballistic limit by almost twice for A model for ballistic impact on multi-layer fabric targets Jul 01, 2010 · Ballistic impact behavior of multi-layer woven fabric has been studied. By considering dynamic material properties for fabric, the present model can predict ballistic limit for multi-layer fibrous targets with high accuracy. Investigation on layer spacing effect on target performance shows a threshold for gap decoupling. Numerical investigation on ballistic performance of coarse Jul 30, 2020 · With regard to the ballistic impact, Quek et al. claimed that the four-layered concrete target ( c,s 110 MPa) developed in their study achieved a superior ballistic resistance, and that the layer delamination benefited the consumption of the projectiles kinetic energy. Nonetheless, the subject of their study is high-strength concrete Influence of pre-tension on ballistic impact performance Jun 01, 2018 · In this paper, ballistic impact tests on wrapped multi-layer Kevlar 49 woven fabric systems were carried out with a flat blade projectile to investigate the impact response during a fan blade out event. The influences of the number of Kevlar layers and pre-tension were discussed particularly. Ballistics and Armor Protection Research Papers - Ballistic response of single or multi-layered metal armor systems subjected to high velocity impact loads was investigated in many experimental, theoretical and numerical studies. In this study, influences of plasma spray surface coating on high velocity impact resistance of AA 6061 T651 aluminum plates were analyzed experimentally. (PDF) Numerical Simulations of Level 3A Ballistic Impact Meanwhile, only 74.0% of the impact energy is absorbed in the case I in which the bullet penetrates through.When the energy absorption between the ceramic and steel plates are compared, most of the energy that the armor absorbs are stored in the ceramics, accounting for 73.3, 86.5, 92.0 and 90.8% of the total energy that the armor absorbed from (PDF) Ballistic Impact Resistance of Multi-Layer Textile Through comparisons between ballistic impact tests and numerical results, it shows that higher inter-yarn friction is better for energy absorption, especially at more fabric layers. Performance of Ceramic-Composite Armors under Ballistic Aug 25, 2020 · For Case 1 and Case 2 (Table 1), with maximum ballistic limit velocity of 1241 and 1702 m/s, respectively, energy absorbed by erosion of projectile is 47.17 and 66.7%, respectively (Fig. 7). Also, total time of ballistic impact event and energy absorption depends upon incident impact velocity of the projectile. Experimental and Numerical Investigation on the Jan 29, 2021 · In the case of blunt projectiles:(i) in most cases layering and spacing decreases the ballistic performance but the influence is lower with respect to ogival projectiles and (ii) the ballistic performance depends on the order of layers Modeling and Simulation of Ballistic Penetration of Numerical simulations and analysis of ballistic impact and penetration by tungsten alloy rods into composite targets consisting of layers of aluminum nitride ceramic tile(s), polymer laminae, and aluminum backing are conducted over a range of impact velocities on the order of 1.0 to 1.2 km/s. Computational results for ballistic efficiency are compared with experimental data from Simulation of a ballistic impact of a deformable bullet Keywords:high-velocity impact, multi-layer fabric, finite elements, LSDYNA. 1 Introduction The clothes ensuring the ballistic protection have to be designed in a way that their ballistic strength exceeds many times the rates intended in regulating standards and ensures the necessary protection level. For the estimation of the Ballistic impact resistance of plain woven kenaf/aramid The hybrid materials subjected to ballistic tests were composed of 19 layers and were fabricated by the hot press technique using different numbers and configurations of plain woven kenaf and aramid layers. In the case of ballistic performance tests, a positive effect was found for the hybridisation of kenaf and aramid laminated composites. Influence of ceramic properties on the ballistic Oct 02, 2020 · The present research involves studies of the influence of the physico-mechanical properties of the ceramics on the ballistic resistance of the new concept of the hybrid, ceramicmulti-layered UHMWPE composite armour developed using SiC and Al 2 O 3 ceramics differing in thickness. Ballistic verification of new design of the ballistic composite armour Effect of ballistic impact on Ti6Al-4V titanium alloy and Mar 23, 2020 · Ballistic missile-resistant impact panels have seen fair advancement over the years, especially in military applications. However, high cost, as well as a changing materials landscape, has impressed the need for a deeper understanding of impact mechanism as well as of new permutations in design strategy development. Parameters such as projectile impact Numerical investigation on ballistic resistance of impact was studied in [1]. It was found that layered structures may offer better performance than monolithic plates due to change from plastic energy dissipation to perforation and stretching sheets of metal. Radin and Goldsmith [2] found that the ballistic resistance of a monolithic plate is superior to the structure of the same A metal/UHMWPE/SiC multi-layered composite armor Aug 15, 2021 · 1. Introduction. Over the last several decades, the multi-layered composite armors composed of different functional materials, have drawn increasing attention for the protection of the human body and military equipment against ballistic impact [].Compared with the traditional protective structure, multi-layered composite armors own the advantages of lightweight and Numerical Investigation on Ballistic Limit Velocity of ballistic limit velocity and it has 22.58% more BLV value than the solid single layer Al 7075-T6. Keywords:Ballistic limit velocity, honeycomb, armour, sandwich structure, bullet, Analysis 1. Introduction 1Generally, impact problems were of primary concern to the military, either for defensive or offensive purposes to develop armour or ammunition. Numerical investigation on ballistic resistance of Apr 04, 2017 · Furthermore, ballistic performance of four different shapes of the component layers was tested against projectiles in three different points of impact. This paper extends previous research of the authors regarding perforation of multi-layered panels by rigid projectiles [ Effect of Microscopic Damage Events on Static and Ballistic impact tests were performed on composite deformation mode, and strain energy density at failure for composite material in a fan case during blade-out. These impact test results are used for test/analysis correlations layered shell elements, where each element is a laminated composite with the appropriate fiber layup. Ballistic Limit of Single and Layered Aluminium Plates Ballistic tests were conducted with 7.62. mm armor piercing bullets on monolithic and multi-layered configurations both in the as-received (AR) state and in a case-hardened (CH) state. Modeling and Simulation of Ballistic Penetration of Numerical simulations and analysis of ballistic impact and penetration by tungsten alloy rods into composite targets consisting of layers of aluminum nitride ceramic tile(s), polymer laminae, and aluminum back ing are conducted over a range of impact velocities on Finite Element Simulations of Ballistic Impact on Glass distribution between layer 1&15 for fiber plate. The inter laminar stress distribution between layer 1&15 for the fiber plate is 0.27814Mpa. B. Impact Analysis at a Bullet Velocity of 250m/s In static analysis, fibre which is subjected to boundary conditions such Ballistic impact performance of ultra-high molecular Sep 25, 2021 · In the case of the UHMWPE/alumina bi-layer, when the projectile hits the alumina plate side, the ballistic limit is found to be 680 m/s, and the ballistic limit for the impact on UHMWPE side is obtained as 815 m/s. it&PROJECTILE PERFORATION OF MULTI-LAYERED BEAMSto be advantageous over monolithic structures. In the case of hyper-velocity impact by meteoroids, for example, ,an outer shield could serve to break the projectile into fragments before it hits the main structure, e.g. [l]. The problem of ballistic perforation of multi-layered target plates at standard ordnance velocities, i.e., from Ballistic Impact Behavior of Nacre-Like Laminated Feb 01, 2016 · A nacre-like composite armor consisting of B 4 C tablets and polyurea matrix is modeled, and its ballistic impact behavior and penetration resistance (under a normal and a 15°-oblique impact by a solid right circular cylindrical projectile) were analyzed using a series of transient, nonlinear dynamic, finite-element analyses. Nacre is a biological material

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