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AISI L6 tool steel 1.2714 SKT4 55NiCrMoV7 - Special

AISI L6 tool steel possesses a fine-grained structure and is noted for its shock resistance. Compared to other oil-hardened steels, L6 is a tough steel that ASII H13 VS JIS SKT4 Hot work Tool Steel compare in Hot SKT4 low heat mold steel (350-370 ) H13 (4Cr5MoSiV1) toughness heat-resistant hot work die steel (550-600 ) Because AISI H13 have higher Cr and JIS SKT4 Tool SteelAISI M35; Super Alloy » hot work tool steel skt4, steel skt4, SKT4 datasheet, equivalen skt4 steel, mechanical properties astm L6,physical properties skt4,skt4 steel properties, baja L6, baja din 1.2714. high strength structural steel. Easy for weld and good cold forming properties. SM490YB steel plates usual supplied Die Block Steel - SKT4 Die Steel Block Wholesale Trader Germany. Ventura Alloy and Steels Stocks and Supplies Die Block Steels DB6 / 2714 in India YASUGI SPECIALTY STEEL Products Materials for tools 11 rows · Hot work tool steel with higher toughness and strength at elevated temperature than Alloy Steel, Steel Round Bar from China Manufacturers 1.2714 SKT4 5CrNiMo Alloy Steel Bar Characteristics:1. Excellent wear resistance; 2. Good machinability; 3. High compressive strength. Applications: High-Strength Low-Alloy Steels - ASM InternationalThe choice of a specific high-strength steel depends on a number of application requirements including thickness reduction, corrosion resist-ance, formability, and weldability. For many applications, the most impor-tant factor in the steel selection process is the favorable strength-to-weight Art-3b.qxd 10/23/01 4:39 AM Page 194 SAE / AISI 4150 Steel - Waldun SteelSAE / AISI 4150 Steel. AISI 4150 steel is a higher carbon variation of the chromium, manganese, molybdenum 4100 series of low alloy steels.It has high strength,toughness,and high hardenability,and also has good machinability in annealed or normalized conditions.AISI 4150 steel can be welded using all conventional techniques.The mechanical properties of this steel High Strength Alloy Steel Bar 1.7035 SAE5140 / SCr440 For High strength Alloy Machinery Steel Round Bar SAE5140 / SCr440 For Tool & Die . Product Introduction. AISI 5140 steel also can be called JIS Scr440 and DIN 1.7035 steel. It is one of the alloy steel. And it is one of the most popular steel grades in the productions of the machine. The 5140 steel price is on the medium level and it was easy to 38crmoal High Strength Alloy Steel Round Bar38crmoal Alloy Steel Round Bar/ High Strength Alloy Steel Round Bar 38CrMoAl Alloy Steel round bar . 38CrMoAl is a high-grade nitriding steel. On the basis of ordinary carbon Bai plain steel, nitrogen atoms are infiltrated into the surface layer of the workpiece in a certain medium at a certain temperature, so as to obtain the characteristics of high wear resistance, high fatigue AISI 4340 1.6511 36CrNiMo4 SNCM439 - Waldun SteelAISI 4340 is defined as a heat treatable and low alloy steel which has 0.8% Cr, 0.2% Mo and 1.8% Ni as strengthening alloy elements.Compared with AISI 4140,it has higher strength and toughness,also it has very good fatigue resistance, wear resistance and atmospheric corrosion resistance.AISI 4340 is generally supplied in hardened and tempered condition with the tensile Steel AISI/ ASTM StandardAISI 440C. AISI W 1-8. AISI W 1-10. AISI D2. AISI H13. ASTM Standards. A6/A6M:Specification for General Requirements for Rolled Structural Steel Bars, Plates, Shapes, and Sheet Piling. A36/A36M:Specification for Carbon Structural Steel. A514/A514M:Specification for High-Yield-Strength, Quenched and Tempered Alloy Steel Plate, Suitable for AISI 4140 Steel Round BarSteel AISI 4140. Features. It's one kinds of high quality alloy structural steel. Characteristics. Very common Quenched & Tempered alloyed engineering steel grade With high intensity, high hardenability. It has a small distortion afer quenching, a ghigh creep strength and lasting intensity afer processing of high tempreature. Equivalent AISI 4140. 5CrNiMo Hot Forging Die Steel- TJC STEEL.5CrNiMo is a kind of hot die steel.Often referred to as 5CrMnMo.Both are low alloy steels (alloy content 5%), low carbon content, have good hardenability [TJC STEEL] and impact toughness, used for the die with low temperature and large impact load, such as hammer forging die. 5CrNiMo5CrMnMo Chemical Composition Comparation:Grades. 5CrNiMo. Alloy Steel Grades Chemical Composition - Shongshun Steel4130 alloy steel has high strength and toughness and the hardenability is high. Songshun Steel 2021-07-09T04:50:32-04:00 AISI 5140 Steel Round Bar Plate Sheet, DIN 1.7035, JIS SCr440 AISI 8630 Alloy Steel - ASTM A29 Waldun SteelAISI 8630 Alloy Steel HEAT TREATMENT. Annealing:For optimum machinabilty of this alloy, a microstructure consisting of coarse pearlite and a minimum of ferrite is considered to be optimum. Such a structure can be obtained by austenitizing at 1550ºF (845ºC), furnace cooling to 1350ºF (730ºC) then to 1180ºF (640º) at 20ºF/hr. China 1.2714/Skt4/5CrNiMo/Hot Work Mould Steel DIN High-quality stock for various steel flat bar and round bar. Alloy steel / Cold work steel / Hot work steel / Plactic mold steel and Stainless Hot sales grade :DC53/ H13 / P20 / SCM440 / Q235,etc. For more tool and die steel please check the list:Delivery Time 1) For abundant stock, 7-15 days. 2) For customized products, 15-30 days. Loading What Is Alloy Steel Alloy Steel VS Carbon Steel Bearings are made from alloy steel as it gives them strength to resist any cracking or rolling contact fatigue. Architecture uses alloy steel to avoid corrosion, high alloy steel is used in construction. Railways, security safes and armour plating are other common uses of alloy steel. Ultra - High Strength Mechanical Alloy Steel Round & Ultra-high Strength Mechanical Alloy Steel Round & Rod 1.7225 SAE4140 SCM440 SAE 4140 alloy steel is chromium, molybdenum, manganese containing low alloy steel. It has high fatigue strength, abrasion and impact resistance, toughness, and torsional strength. Chemical Composition(%) AISI 4140 42CrMo4 1.7225 SCM440 - Waldun SteelAISI 4140 is defined as a low alloy steel which has 1% Cr-Mo as strengthening alloy elements.Compared with AISI 4130, it has a higher carbon content with good balance of strength, toughness ,abrasion and impact resistance and heat treatment capabilities,but poor in weldability characteristics.AISI 4140 is generally supplied in quenched and tempered condition Alloy Steel, Steel Round Bar from China Manufacturers 34CrNiMo6 / 1.6582 Alloy special steel Alloy Steel Round Pipe Feature:high strength,high toughness and good hardenability Equivalent Grades AISI/ASTM: FOB Price:US $1,300 / Ton 5CrNiMo 1.2714 Skt4 Alloy Forged Steel Bar High Strength 1.2713 alloy tool steel At Awesome Prices Experience the infinite power of 1.2713 alloy tool steel available at . The 1.2713 alloy tool steel come at enticing offers and are sturdy for extended lifespans. Quality Mold Tool Steel & Cold Work Tool Steel factory 36-42hrc 10Ni3MnCuAl Mirror Polishing Plastic Mold Steel. Annealed Cr12MoV Alloy Tool Steel , 50-65HRC D5 Tool Steel / 1.2601 Steel. JIS DC53 Cold Work Knife High Hardened Tool Steel. Din 1.2510 O1 Alloy SKS3 Round Bar High Carbon Tool Steel. A2 SKD12 1.2363A2 Special Cold Work Die Steel. AISI 52100 JIS SUJ2 EN31 GB GCR15 High Carbon Alloy Steel High Carbon Alloy Seamless Bearing Steel Pipe & Tube AISI 52100 / JIS SUJ2/EN31/GB GCR15 . Product Introduction. GCr15 refers to a high carbon and chromium bearing steel with less alloy content. After quenching and low temperature tempering, it has high hardness, uniform structure, good wear resistance and high contact fatigue performance. Features High Strength 4340 Round Bar Gear Alloy Tool SteelAisi4340 40CrNiMo round bar, 40CrNiMo alloy structural steel is also a kind of gear steel Application:To manufacture important parts with high strength and good plasticity, and to manufacture important parts with special functional requirements after nitriding treatment, such as shafts, gears, fasteners, etc. 34CrNiMo6 / 4340 / SNCM439 Alloy Steel BarThis low-alloy steel finds many applications where high strength, plasticity required such as large and important parts requiring hardening and tempering as heavy load axle for heavy machinery, axle with diameter over 250mm for steam turbine, axle of rotor wing for helicopter, axle of turbo and turbine blade and heavy load transmission part for jet engine, fasteners and AISI 4130 Steel - 25CrMo4 - JIS SCM430 - GB 30CrMo AISI 4130 steel also can be called JIS SCM430 steel, 25CrMo4(1.7218) steel. 4130 alloy steel round bar has high strength and toughness and the hardenability is high. And the hot strength of AISI 4130 is good by hardening in the oil. At the temperature of lower than 500, it will get enough strength. China 2020 Neworigin Special Steel 1.2714 / 6f2 / Skt4 / 1 China 2020 Neworigin Special Steel 1.2714 / 6f2 / Skt4 / 1.2713 Tool Steel Round Bar Carbon Steel Plate, Find details about China Tool Steel Plate, Mould Steel Plate from 2020 Neworigin Special Steel 1.2714 / 6f2 / Skt4 / 1.2713 Tool Steel Round Bar Carbon Steel Plate - Shanghai Bozhong Metal Group Co., Ltd. Precision Engineering - Kim Ann EngineeringPrecision Engineering forms the foundation of all advanced manufacturing activities in Singapore and around the region, delivering critical components ,tools and equipment used in all other industries. Here at Kim Ann, we support the PE industry by supplying a wide range of metal materials that will meet those stringent requirements. SAE4140 / SCM440 / 42CrMo Alloy Steel Round Bar With SAE4140 / 1.7225 / SCM440 / 42CrMo Alloy Steel Round Bar with Ultra-high Strength SAE4140 / 1.7225 / SCM440 /42CrMo steel is an ultra-high strength steel with high strength and toughness, good hardenability, no obvious temper brittleness, high fatigue limit and multiple impact resistance after quenching and tempering, and good low temperature 1.2714, 1.2714 Suppliers and Manufacturers at 2016 Neworigin Special Steel 1.2714 / 6F2 / SKT4 / 1.2713 tool steel round bar carbon steel plate Product Overviews General Information:Ni-Cr-Mo steel characterized by high level harden ability and toughness, good resistance to repeated shocks, fairly good insensitivity to thermal shocks and good wear resistance. Carbon Steel and High Tensile Strength Casting SteelsAISI O1; Hot Work Tool Steel » SKD 61; AISI H13; DIN X40CrMoV51; Thyssen 2344; W302 Superior; Daido DHA1; SKT4; Plastic Mould Steel » Stavax; NAK 55; 3Cr13; 2311; NAK 80; M303; AISI P20; High Speed Steel (HSS) » JIS SKH 51; S-600 ISORAPID; Daido MH51; YXM1 Hitachi; Thyssen 3343; ASP 23 ASSAB; AISI M2; HSS-E » JIS SKH 55; S-705 ISORAPID

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