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Thin Sheet Metal Magnetic Plate Lifter - Lifting Magnet

This new type of thin sheet metal magnetic plate lifter, is a uniquely designed and produced electrically controlled permanent lifting magnet system by HVR MAG, for the handling of sheet metal or steel plates thinner than 6mm. There are occasions when a single long & heavy thin sheet metal needs to be lifted or moved for next procedure, usually Permanent Lifting Magnets McMaster-CarrAlso known as permanent lifting magnets, these magnets have an on/off handle to engage and release the magnet. They have a lifting eye for attaching a hook or sling. Style B magnet includes a detachable vertical lifting eye that mounts to the side of the magnet to lift plates vertically. Style C magnet has a pivoting lifting eye for both horizontal and vertical lifting. Lifting Magnets Limited Lifetime Warranty & Magnetic Permanent Lifting Magnets:Automatic Permanet Lifting Magnets attract and release steel plates alternatively every time it raises from and lowers onto the ground, without manually turning a lever. Available with rated lifting capacity of 1000, 1500, 3000, and 5000 lbs. Permanet Lifting Magnets hold, transfer and release round or flat ferrous parts without any electrical power Electro Permanent Lifting Magnets HVR MAGElectro Permanent Lifting Magnets. HVR MAG designs and manufactures electro permanent lifting magnets for a wide range of industrial material handling applications. We supply an array of lifting magnets for ferrous material handling such as steel plates, coils, strips, profiles, piples, billets, round bars, rails, etc. Customized lifting magnets available per customer's application Plate Handling Magnet Systems - Permadur IndustriesThese Permadur Thin Plate Handling Systems are built to support the handling of thinner gauge material. In order to provide single plate handling off a stack for plates thinner than 3/16 thick, we utilize a special Permadur Electroperm Magnet whose magnetic intensity / depth of eld can be reduced or increased depending on the Plate thickness. Magnetic Lifter Permanent Lifting MagnetsArmstrong permanent lifting magnets are composed of permanent magnet materials and mild steel structual parts which contributes a magnetic flux circuit. They are used for lifting ferrous parts without using any electric power. Lifting magnets are easy to operate and powerful, but also compact in size and cost effective. Thin sheet metal magnetic plate lifter - All industrial permanent magnet magnetic plate lifter. PL-660A. Descriptions Armstrong LiftMag PL-A permanent magnetic plate lifter is a great improvement from our previous PL lifters designed and made for holding, carrying and Compare this product Remove from comparison tool. thin sheet metal magnetic plate lifter SH-150A. ON/OFF Permanent Lifting Magnets Designed for Your positions. Durable construction with metal name plates and corrosion-resistant plated magnet surface. Features a 3:1 design factor and meets 2018 ASME B30.20 BTH-1 Design Category B, Service Class 3. FXC PERMANENT LIFTING MAGNETS for Flat, Circular Parts FXE PERMANENT LIFTING MAGNETS Electronically Controlled MGFXLift (02/20) Smooth Surfaces, A GUIDE TO PERMANENT MAGNETS FOR LIFTING the magnets lifting capacity. Therefore when lifting a particular type of load for the first time, it is good practice to check that an adequate adhesive force is achieved. The alternative to the permanent magnet types are the electromagnets (Not available from us). Electromagnets do not contain permanent magnets. Permanent Lifting Magnets - Materials HandlingIf you lift steel plates, rounds or tubes, there is a simpler, more efficient way to get the job done without slings and chains! Our series of Permanent Lifting Magnets use the latest rare earth technology, making them small and lightweight, but able to lift astonishing capacities. Instruction Manual of Permanent Lifting MagnetsIt should damage the lifting magnet. Load must stay in level during lifting. Use a spreader bar hanging two or more lifting magnets to lift big plate. If it is hard to turn the handle from Off to On position, the load could be too thin, or the air gap between the load and the lifting magnet could be too big. Industrial Magnetics, Inc. - BasicLift MagnetIMIs new BasicLift Magnet is a powerful, no frills permanent ceramic lift magnet perfect for basic, flat steel lifting, angle iron, square tube and other lifting applications. Featuring a lightweight and durable Stainless Steel design, the BasicLift has a full width cam to release the magnet from the steel surface and a tall lift lug for Guidance on the safe use of magnetic lifting devices5 Magnets can be provided without power supply i.e. permanent magnets, or where power is supplied specially-shaped pole plate magnets for lifting pipes, round steel bars or sectional steel; a billet may only require a single two-pole magnet, whereas a thin plate section of equal Plate Magnets McMaster-CarrAlso known as permanent lifting magnets, these magnets have an on/off handle to engage and release the magnet. They have a lifting eye for attaching a hook or sling. Style B magnet includes a detachable vertical lifting eye that mounts to the side of the magnet to lift plates vertically. Style C magnet has a pivoting lifting eye for both horizontal and vertical lifting. Industrial Magnetics, Inc. - Lifting MagnetsDynamicLift Magnet. These lightweight and powerful Rare Earth permanent lift magnets can be used on flat or round surfaces and contain an internal release On/Off device that does not contact or damage the surface of the part being lifted. DynamicLifts have superior holding on thin gauge ferrous metals to comparable Rare Earth lift magnets. Industrial Magnetics, Inc. - Magnetic Sheet LiftersThe Magnetic Sheet and Plate Lifter can be designed to your unique specifications These permanent magnets require a simple burst of shop air to release the sheets and plates. Features and Benefits. Designs available to handle practically any size and thickness of steel sheet; Excellent thin sheet lifting capabilities Armstrong Permanent Ceramic Magnetic Plate Lifter PL-660A Brand:Armstrong LiftMag If you want to lift a thin plate, 12 gauges or thinner, you might need the additional lever to completely release the plate from PL-A permanent lifting magnets. Without this additional lever, the thin plate could be bent and a part of it remains to cling on the bottom of PL-A magnetic plate lifterseven with the release lever positioned above its support. Understanding lift magnet compliance - The Fabricator

  • Overall Lifting Magnet SafetyFactors Affecting Lifting Magnet OperationOther Precautions with Lifting MagnetsTechnical Support on Lifting Magnets -Armstrong Magnetics Lifting Magnets <Product Information> Selecting the Best Suitable Model of Permanent Lifting Magnets Application Safety for Handling Thin and Large Metal Plates <Knowledge Base> Working Principles of Permanent Lifting Magnets Working Principles of Electro Permanent Lifting Magnets Safe Operational Rules When Using Lifting Magnets Main Features of Eclipse Magnetics Catalogue - Newman ToolsLIFTING MAGNETS 5 Ultralift Plus Ultralift LM Ultralift TP Thin Plate Lifter SWITCHABLE PERMANENT MAGNET 6 Optimag Pneumatically Switched Magnet WORKHOLDING 7 Premium Range Chucks 8 Standard Range Chucks 9 'V' Blocks Chuck Blocks Demagnetizer PRECISION TOOLS 10 Stands Bases Fitment sets Wide range of lifting magnets, magnetic lifters, steel Lifting Magnet, Magnetic Lifters, Electropermanent Magnet Lifters, Steel Plate Lifting Magnets, Electromagnetic Lifters, Electromagnet steel plate lifting magnet clamps, magnetic lifters, lifting magnets Small steel plate lifting permanent magnet :Handlift . Help & Info. Supreme Magnets A Liftontech Supreme premium magnets division 196 Industrial Magnetics, Inc. - FX Permanent Lift MagnetsFX Permanent Rare-Earth Lift Magnet Series. These on/off permanent lifts offer strength in a lightweight, compact package. Each line of lifting magnets in the FX family of products has been specifically designed for maximum performance by user application. Armstrong Permanent Ceramic Magnetic Plate Lifter PL-1320ALifting Magnets Overview Permanent Lifting Magnets Overview Auto Permanent NL-B Series Magnetic Plate Lifter PL-660A PL-1320A PL-1320B Additional Lever to Release Thin Plates Magnetic Sheet Handler Rental Program Re-Seller Locations Electro Permanent Lifting Magnets Overview Beam and Parts for Multiple Lifting Magnets Permanent Magnetic Lifting devices Permanent Magnets LtdPML lifters have lifting capacity of 100Kg to 3000kg. Permanent Magnetic Lifters are mainly used to lift steel plates, blocks, press moulds, Load/ unload in machines during handling operation. They can hoist moving iron block. Widely used as lifting devices in factories, docks, warehouses and transportation industries. :plate magnetMophorn Lifting Magnet with Release,1320 Lbs Pulling Force - Steel Magnetic Lifter,Neodymium - Permanent Lift Magnets,Heavy Duty - for Hoist, Shop Crane, Block, Board 4.3 out of 5 stars 166 $149.99 $ 149 . 99 SGM MAGNETICS - Engineering and manufacturing of Suitable for both Electro Lifting Magnet (EM) and Electro Permanent Lifting Magnet (EPR) solutions. EPR solutions are only for single plates or limited quantities of Lifting Magnets by Tate Industrial Sales Windsor Ontario TATE Industrial Sales has been selling permanent lifting magnets for over 50 years across Canada. Please call one of our experts to help you choose the correct magnet for your application 1-800-265-3814. TATE lifting magnets are safe, quick and economical for any metalworking company. Mophorn Lifting Magnet with Release,220 Lbs Pulling Force Parameters Reference The manual magnet crane is strict with steel plate thickness when lifting. For instance, If you want to raise a ton of steel with a ton of permanent magnet crane, the thickness of the steel plate should be at least 40 mm. NEO SERIES PERMANENT LIFT MAGNETS - WALKER The Walker Ex-Beam is an adjustable spreader beam that gives you the flexibility to maneuver long unwieldy objects with your choice of tooling apparatus. The Ex-Beam hangers are reversible for turning rectangular magnets for lifting thin plates less than 1.5" thick The Ex-10 has 6 adjustments on 4" centers. Permanent Lifting Magnet - Assfalg GmbHThe high performance of the permanent lifting magnet Elift is granted up to 80°C on the load contact surface. This guarantees a trouble-free operation and a long life without any service by a proper application.The mechanism of the the safety device blocked the lever. Thus a demagnetizing is impossible and prevents a dropping of the load. Permanent Lift Magnet - web.s-cdn.boostkit.devCalculating Maximum Lifting Magnet Loads Maximum lifting magnet power is different for plate and round cylindrical material lifting, and also depends upon carbon content of stock, stock thickness, and surface finish. Calculation Example:BLM-500, rated magnetic lifting capacity (SWL) is SOOkg_ The Safest Magnetic Lifing & Handling Systems Eclipse Total Safety - the safest way to lift ferrous loads. Operation safety is the foremost consideration in the design of all our magnetic lifting and handling systems. Permanent magnetic technology with built in fail-safe mechanisms and a 3:1 lift safety factor (*)

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