Kohinoor Slide Rules



We are the pioneer manufacturers of Slide Rules in India! In the year 1949, our company started the production of Slide Rules in 6" & 12" sizes for students, professionals and Army. Other than the standard models, we expertise in developing and manufacturing special purpose slide rules for the purpose related to the industries and various industrial products. These special purpose slide rules are widely used by the industries as give away gifts, to promote their products and for the ease of various intricate calculations by the end user. More than 100 companies are already using our slide rules, as on date.

Further, for developing a slide rule for any specific purpose, the sample or the drawing has to be provided by the customer and then our technical team develops a sample for the approval by the target customer. The bulk production continues after the approval! We have developed thousands of models for the specific purposes and a few of them are as below :-

  • Motar Slide Rule,
  • Water Flow Calculator Slide Rule,
  • Ohm's Law Calculator Slide Rule,
  • Milling Machine Slide Rule,
  • Hydraulic Slide Rule,
  • Kimber Chick Calculator Slide Rule,
  • Generator Set Calculator Slide Rule,
  • Chip Volume-Speed & Feed Calculator,
  • Dished End Calculator Slide Rule,
  • Power Factor Correction for Capacitors Slide Rule,
  • Starter Selector Slide Rule,
  • Carbon Content Calculator Slide Rule,
  • Structrual Engineer's Slide Rule,
  • Capacitor Calculator Slide Rule(to determine the capacitor required),
  • Area-Volume-Weight-Pressure Conversion Slide Rule,
  • Low Density Poly Ethylene Film & Bag Calculator Slide rule,
  • Water Pump Efficiency Slide Rule,
  • Turning & Boring Feed & Horsepower Calculator Slide Rule,
  • Concrete Volume Calculator Slide Rule,
  • Commercial Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Calculator Slide Rule,
  • X-Ray Exposure Time-Distance-Film Calculator Slide Rule,
  • Thermal Efficiency Calculator Slide Rule and the list is endless.....!

All our above models are made on plastic and all the facts,figures and lines are duly photo engraved on plastic surface for durability and longevity. We shall be gald to answer all your quarries and shall try our best to cater your specific requirement(s).
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We manufacture various measuring scvales for students and professionals. All the scales manufactured by us are made up of White unbreakable plastic and clear transparent plastic, ranging from 0.5mm to 6mm. We have various varieties ranging from inch/mm, inch/cm, mm/cm, meter/feet, oval, trigonometric, scientific, engineers scale to to triangular and square scales.

We also manufacture the scales used in weight balances(manual) and are widely used by various balance manufacturing industries across India.
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General purpose scales are the ones commonly used in homes, offices, schools, colleges etc. Made up of 3mm Clear transparent plastic are ideal for both students and professionals.It comes in various varieties like :-

inch/cm, inch/mm, cm/mm, inch/feet etc.

Any special variety can be developed by us,provided the sample/Drawing & Specification are provided by the consumer.
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These are the ones widely used by Architects, Engineers etc. for all technical/architectrual drawings. Made up of 3mm white fibre plastic, with figures and lines duly photo engraved on it.

The graduations on these scales come in varieties like :- 20:25,25:50,1:4,000 They are available in 12" & 6" size. The cheapest and smallest variation comes in 2" Gunia Size.
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This 6" scale is ideal for the students persuing engineering. It's made up of white unbreakable plastic duly photo engraved on it. It has the parameters incorporated as :- Tangents, Chord Scale, Degree Scale.

On the rear side it has inch/cm standard scale. It's available in 2 variants Inch Type & Metric Type.
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Made up of 0.5mm White Unbreakable plastic, it's widely used by the shoe manufacturers across India. It consists of standard Inch/cm Scale on both the edges & Inside Back Heights(English Sizes) and on the rear side it has comparison of shoe sizes chart(for English,French & American sizes).

It comes in a standard 6" size. It comes in various varieties with all the other parameters required by different users.
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Made up of 0.5mm White Unbreakable plastic, it is used by Weighing Balance Manufacturers across India. The size is 10"x0.75", its fitted on the pointer drum of the balance for accurate and sharp weighing.

They are ideal for Drum Type Balances.
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A triangular shaped scale made up of 6mm White Fibre Plastic, ideal for Engineers & Professionals. It has 6 marking faces and has the following marking graduations :-

1:1cm, 1:2cm, 1:2.5cm, 1:5cm, 1:7.5cm & 1:3cm.

It is supplied in a sturdy plastic case.
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This seal is widely used in the carpet industry, all across India by the Carpet/Rug manufacturers. This seal is the identification of the manufacturer.

The wire used in the seals is 1mm pure spring steel,unbreakable wire. The wire is pushed into the seal from both the sides(but 1 side of wire is free to be pushed out). To permanently lock the seal push the free side of the wire(after hooking it to the finished carpet) with a little pressure so that the wire goes in deep enough that it does not come out on pulling(this procedure can be done on the other side of the wire also, to ensure the proper grip of the wire inside the seal.In order to remove a seal or unlock, the only way out is to CUT the wire of the seal with a cutting-plier and that seal can never be used again and this feature is specially useful to avoid any tampering or design theft during or post shipment.

These seals are very handy and useful in day to day use of the manufacturer/buyer because the name and logo of the manufacturer/buyer is a permanent identification of the carpet/rug. The name /logo which is printed on each seal shall be rendered by you, through Fax/Post. Regarding the serial numbers engraving on each seal(it's normally running serial numbers on each individual seal, e.g.1001,1002,1003..so on and so forth.) is specially useful on each seal in order to maintain an absolute and permanent Inventory Control System. This completes the entire configuration of the carpet/rug seal.
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